Revelation: Kurtz Blames the Media for Pending Dem Losses

I have to admit that whenever I see an article penned by a major media figure purporting to reveal a significant failure on the part of the media my ears perk up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get pleasure from seeing the media fail. This is not schadenfreude, rather my affinity for journalism – the profession I had all intentions of taking up were it not for the pesky mounting debt problem I had coming out of University – has me always hoping that one day there will be an “Ah Ha! moment” that enlightens the collective media to how far they have fallen from the tree of their roots and shocks them back to their collective senses.

Today’s piece in The Daily Beast by Howard Kurtz entitled How the Media Blew the Midterms preemptively blaming the media for the pending Democratic losses in 15 days shows some signs of this kind of enlightenment but ultimately stops short of really sending home the message. He manages to serve up the series of softballs that should have been hammered home successfully by the media only to have been whiffed upon.

This is a year in which facts—the preferred currency of the reality-based media—often don’t seem to matter. Journalists report that Sharron Angle had favored privatizing Social Security, spoke of people considering “Second Amendment remedies” and counseled rape victims to turn “a lemon situation into lemonade” by giving birth—and she’s still competitive with Harry Reid. Media outlets report that Christine O’Donnell, the onetime witchcraft dabbler, opposes masturbation and considers evolution “a myth,” and she laughs it off (while trailing in the race). New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino calls gay pride parades “disgusting,” hurls baseless charges about Andrew Cuomo’s sex life (after fathering a child out of wedlock himself) and tells a New York Post columnist “I’ll take you out”—and still hasn’t been laughed out of the race.

Let’s not forget that facts have been the inconvenient problem getting in the way of the media narrative for quite some time now. Kurt knows this as he has a sordid history of ignoring the facts himself.

Anyway, Kurtz then goes on to make a the argument that the media has taken to blaming this error-fest on the electorate for being uninformed rather than recognizing that they controlled the bullpen but neglected to put in the closer because they were distracted by a peanut vendor who strolled by.

On the merits, journalists are right that Obama’s accomplishments have been minimized. Health care reform, however it pans out, was a huge achievement; the overall package remains unpopular, the individual parts (such as not excluding kids for preexisting conditions) not so much. Tightening financial regulation was a heavy lift against the forces of Wall Street. Even the much-derided stimulus law saved plenty of jobs.

All that has been overshadowed because many voters believe the president bobbled the economy while setting his sights on social engineering. But here, too, the short attention span of today’s journalism played a role. The health care and banking battles were covered ad nauseum, but once they passed, the press lost interest and moved on to mosque mess and the Koran-burning preacher and whatever other diversions were available.

Good points Howard but the fact of the matter is that 1) you are a part of that media and 2) this election is not over. Rather than pen an easy piece making yourself look like an oracle just two weeks out from the election which will guarantee you another two years of playing the expert on t.v. you use that position to defend the points you made in this article. You could in fact go on CNN tomorrow and take to hammering anyone that try’s to spin away from the truth you so clearly outlined in the above quotes. The question is will you do that or will you continue to act as though you are not a part of the media that is delivering this mess to the American public?

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