TNR Helps to Debunk Right Wing Propaganda RE: Healthcare

Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic uses the McDonald’s example to point out that the Professional Right has taken to misleading their followers in an attempt to overturn heath care reform.

Two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that, because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, McDonald’s might stop offering limited health benefits to 30,000 employees around the country. If you read the story carefully or understood the actual provisions of the Affordable Care Act, then you knew that it was an unlikely eventuality. The law gives the federal government leeway to grant temporary exemptions on new insurance regulations when, for example, they’d be disruptive to current arrangements.

Sure enough, just a few days after the Journal story appeared, the administration issued McDonald’s (among others) a waiver on one such regulation and signaled its clear willingness to do the same for another.

But that hasn’t stopped the McDonald’s story from becoming propaganda in the campaign to discredit and, eventually, repeal health care reform. From Rush Limbaugh to the National Review, conservatives have seized on the story, arguing it proved the Affordable Care Act was already starting to wreak havoc with American health care. And this isn’t the only such incident.

He then offers up three “clip’n’save” questions (the context to which I have intentionally left out so that you will have to read his article) to ask yourself and your wing-nut Uncle, parent, brother-in-law, kids football coach, etc. when confronted with potential spin about the Affordable Health Care Act:

1) Is something actually changing?
2) Is the change related to the Affordable Care Act?
3) Is the change really for the worse?

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