Toxic Substance Mailed to Hispanic Ariz. Congressman

First we have Byron Williams, a crazed gunman spurned on by Glenn Beck and luckily caught just prior to acting out with a vehicle loaded down with weapons and gasoline on his way to “start a revolution” by shooting up the ACLU and the Tides Foundation. Then we get Brendan L. O’Rourke, the whack-job who showed up at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad, CA and began firing upon innocent children while screaming, “Death to Obama. Kill all the little (expletive). Death to them.”

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., has faced death threats and on Thursday a toxic powder was sent to his office in a swastika-covered envelope.

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Now we have a sitting United States Congressman, Rep. Raul Grijalva, receiving toxic white powder via the mail.

White powder delivered in an swastika-covered envelope to the Tucson, Ariz., office of Rep. Raul Grijalva is a toxic substance, the Democratic congressman said the FBI told him Thursday afternoon.

A staff member called Tucson Police earlier Thursday after finding an envelope containing the suspicious white powder. The offices were locked down by Tucson Police, and the FBI arrived to assist in the investigation, KVOA said.An envelope arrived with swastikas drawn on the outside and a white powdery substance on the inside, Adam Sarvana, Grijalva’s spokesman, told the Arizona Daily Star newspaper.

What more will it take for people to realize that the extreme hate speech that is now accepted as the norm by average Republicans, Tea Partiers and FoxNEWS alike is inciting people to violence?

“It is hard to watch the video; it is so blatantly trying to incite people,” said Philip R. Muskin, a clinical psychiatrist at Columbia University Medical Center. “You listen to him and say, ‘what the heck is he saying?’ Is he joking? Is he just trying to be inflammatory? Does he believe this stuff? I don’t know, but it is certainly inflammatory.”

Muskin adds, “It is said in a very ‘I’m telling you the truth’ way.”

Muskin said that Beck’s approach has “great potency because this is a talented man and he uses his talent. When people like Beck say things like this they are not being responsible in understanding that some of their viewers may be unduly influenced. He literally says George Soros is evil.

UPDATE: I just stumbled across another egregious example of a violent and dangerous call to action, this time fomented by Right-Wing US Evangelicals in Uganda.

Human rights activists in Uganda are warning that the lives of gay people are in danger after a newspaper published a front-page story featuring the names and photographs of what it called Uganda’s 100 “top” gays and lesbians alongside a yellow banner that read “Hang Them.”

UPDATE II: Auntie Em over at News Hounds revisits the Byron Williams-Glenn Beck connection and the stepped-up efforts by the Tides Foundation to fight back.

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