A Storm is Brewing

It seems that being persona non grata to Sarah Palin does come with some advantages; mainly the ability to be honest about her.  Yesterday on a CBS interview with Senator re-elect Murkowski of Alaska, the senator broke from the republican ranks saying that she would not support a Palin presidency and that she did not have “intellectual curiosity” needed to be president and nor that she “enjoyed governing”.  While Palin and Murkowski have a long running feud that was inflamed by Palin lending her support to Joe Miller’s campaign which gave Murkowski the challenge of her political life, for her to come out against Palin in what amounts to an ad hominum attack is definitely new.

A few weeks ago politico ran a story how the long knives were being sharpened to be turned on Palin after the election.  This could be the beginning of what will be a very messy fight as GOP insiders attempt to oust Palin from contention as a 2012 GOP candidate. They fear that a Palin nomination would doom any chance of retaking the white house that they might have and possibly destroy the conservative brand dooming them to years in the minority.   For this political hit to be done effectively, it will have to be done cleanly and quietly.  A messy civil war would doom the GOP image for the 2012 election to being portrayed as the party of infighting children who would rather fight than legislate and if the ousting of Palin was loud and obvious, it could easily disenfranchise a large chunk of the GOP base who could decide to stay home come election day.  Whatever you may think of her, Sarah Palin has proven to be a savvy political operator who will not go down without a fight.   Many of the winning candidates that she supported got a huge amount of money poured into their campaigns and will definitely not want to see their cash cow slaughtered.   More importantly, many of the losing candidates that she supported only got off the ground in the first place because of her and now have a lot of free time. I have no doubt that Sarah Palin is ready for the coming fight.  What I am doubtful of is if the GOP party elites are prepared for a long and public war with Palin.  She has shown herself to be someone who has little loyalty to the party and is more than willing, as she did in the most recent election, to turn the base onto the GOP.  America loves a winner and in the coming GOP civil war, it could be Sarah Palin.

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