And They’re Off!

Well, not really it’s actually post time but “and they’re off!” sounded so much better didn’t it?

Chris Cillizza’s article in The Fix this morning marks the ‘First Call’ in the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination process. I have to say this is quite an exciting time for many reasons but primarily because it will immediately siphon the attention of a significant portion of the political chattering class off of Obama and the Democrats and place it squarely onto the Republican party. And if we know one thing about the Republicans it is that when they are under the spot light they do not hesitate to put on a show. Remember this dandy?


Oh boy, I just can’t wait to watch this crop of candidates fall all over each other on their mad dash to the radical right. Ultimately though, I think the thing that will thin out the herd this go around is which candidate can manage to sound reasonable and sane when matched up against the likes of Palin and Gingrich.

As Chris’ top 10 makes clear, the list is less remarkable for the old favorites it contains such as Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich than for the new comers like my dark horse favorite posited on mid-term election night, Marco Rubio. In the end, if Rubio can avoid the temptation to pander to the extreme right and can project a sane moderate message as well as keep whatever speech writer put together this moving mid-term ad for him then he just might turn out to be the GOP’s 2012 version of Hope and Change.

Anyone want to put some money on it? 😉

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