File It Under “W” for What the Hell Took You So Long?

First off please allow me to preface this post by saying that most of you will not care one iota about what I am about to say. Of course I don’t care what you think so I am going to say it anyway. 😉

Gordon Campbell, the Premier (that is like a Governor for those of you unfamiliar with Canadian politics) of my current home of British Columbia stepped down today due to the fact that everyone hates him.

Seriously, he is really not well liked.

He was not caught with a hooker or with $90,000 of dirty cash in his freezer. He simply was roundly despised by all as evidenced by his meager 9% approval rating.

So, faced with no other options Gordo has stepped down.

“After considerable soul-searching and discussion with my family I’ve decided to ask the B.C. Liberal party executive to hold a leadership convention at the earliest possible date to select a new leader of the party,” he said.

The only question I have at this point is what the hell took you so long? Sorry, I lied, I have another question as well. When will this HST repeal actually happen? Campbell stepping down does not change the fact that the HST is the reason for his demise and it is still in place.

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