Insights: Election Fiction by John Scalzi

I know I keep saying this but it is worth repeating. John Scalzi is one hell of a writer. If you want to find out how good he really is head on over to his blog Whatever where he has just posted an election-related, progressively informed science fiction short story timed to coincide with tomorrow’s midterm.

The story is called An Election and if the lead doesn’t get you the rest certainly will. It is beyond brilliant!

David Sawyer walked into the kitchen of his townhouse and thrust his tablet at his husband James.

“I’m running for city council,” he said.

James neither took the tablet nor looked up from his coffee and toast. “The elections were last month,” he said. “And we already have a councilman. Please inform those responsible for maintaining your information bubble that they are falling down on the job.”

“We had a councilman,” David said. “Note the tense.” He thrust the tablet at James again.

James took it, frowning. “Councilman Krugg is dead? When did that happen?”

“Last night,” David said. “He’s been molting and he went out before his new carapace stiffened up. Was talking on his phone and not paying attention and walked in front of a bus. They say the death was instant.”

“And messy,” James said, glancing at the picture accompanying the story.

“He should have stayed off the streets until his carapace grew in,” David said.

“When you walk in front of a bus I don’t think a full suit of chitin is going to help you much,” James said. “As a general rule when it’s a city bus versus any biological creature, it’s safe to bet on the bus.”

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