Minority Report

So the unthinkable has happened, soon to be former Speaker Pelosi has decided to try and remain on as minority leader.  The argument coming out of her camp is that she was the only person in democratic leadership to do her job, so why should she be the only person to fall on the sword? This is a big surprise, as it was expected that Representative Steny Hoyer would take over as the new leader of the democrats in the house.  This means that Hoyer (backed by the moderates who were decimated in the midterms) and Representative James Clyburn (backed by the progressives) are now going to be duking it out for minority whip.  The big problem with this is that it will be putting a white ‘good old boy’ against an African-American hero of the civil rights movement against each other (competing for the position of whip no less) in what could be an ugly battle in the democratic leadership.  One possible way out of this would be for Obama to promote one of the two out of the house and into the executive.

I guess we will see what happens over the next couple of weeks

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