The People of Detroit

Some time during the 216 days of my failed 365 Project I came across a photographer on Flickr whose own project inspired me. His name is Noah Stephens and his project, which has it’s own blog, is called The People of Detroit.

The People of Detroit: Dwele

His photographs are classic portraits of real people taken almost entirely with natural lighting. It is incredible stuff but what really brings me back post after post are the stories that he puts up along with the photos. The story that accompanies the photo above begins like this:

So, I was speaking recently with a couple of folks who have been following the photo project. They all liked the project (or at least had a good enough understanding of social graces to feign affection for it while I was standing there). But they did find one curious deficiency in the demographics of the project subjects: an apparent dearth of young, male subjects.


I created The People of Detroit as an excuse to take pictures of strange women. I have no interest in revising the marred image of the city. I only occasionally post a photograph of a well-dress old man or a child to throw the Bureau of Altruistic Deeds off my scent.

My real name is Noah BLOGgojevich.

Classic. If you enjoy photography and the human condition or just have a special place in your heart for my home town of Detroit then you must follow Noah either via his blog, The People of Detroit,  or his Flickr stream.

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