TSA Scanner/Pat-Down Hysteria

I have successfully avoided commenting on this topic for the two weeks it has remained atop the memeorandum rankings simply because I flat-out disagree with the hysterical sentiment being echoed. Now, rather than having to write that piece that I have dreaded I can simply say…what he said.

The fact that you personally are annoyed — you! an educated white-collar professional! — doesn’t mean that the process is idiotic. I’ve heard it called “security theater” so many times I’d be rich if I had a nickel for each time it popped up in my browser, but although the anti-TSA rants are often cathartic and amusing, they’ve never made much sense to me. All the crap that TSA goes through actually seems pretty clearly directed at improving the security of air travel.

3 Responses to “TSA Scanner/Pat-Down Hysteria”

  1. hecter says:

    “I flat-out disagree with the hysterical sentiment being echoed.”

    It’s funny. I flat out disagree with the hysterics who think it’s just fine when the government engages in illegal search and seizure, illegal wiretapping, etc.

    • I guess we disagree then. 😉 Of course this is not anything close to illegal search and seizure and if you have go back and read my writings you will see that I am adamantly opposed to illegal wiretapping.

      Look, I don’t like the fact that my wife, daughter and I will have to choose between a full body imager or a pat down on our holiday trip but I don’t see how calling it a porn machine or having a hissy fit and getting all hyperbolic is going to change the fact that this is the current method being used by TSA to detect someone wearing an underwear bomb.

      Could it be better? Probably but I haven’t hear anyone put forward an alternative. The moment I read someone proposing a viable alternate solution along with their complaints then I will listen. Until then…

  2. Ol'Froth says:

    The point is, that the TSA’s actions are pointless. Captain Underpant’s flight orginated outside the US. The latest excuse given by TSA for their unreasonable searches is the attempt to take down a cargo plane with exposives packed in office supplies. Funny, but I don’t see passengers flying on cargo planes.

    The 4th Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches. Asking me to pass through a metal detector and x-raying my carryon luggage is reasonable. Electronically strip-searching me and feeling me up because someone set his pants on fire is unreasonable.

    I fear the next attempt will be a terrorist with explosives packed in his rectum, and we’ll all be subject to anal probes if we want to fly. No thank you, I’ll take the train.

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