A CATCHey Fairy Tale

Mrs. Polly over at at my old friend Kevin’s place has penned a fairy tale that sums up my feelings about The Elfin Princess.

Once there was an elfin princess, who issued edicts and did No Wrong. She was so beloved that whenever she went on the TV to engage with her lessers, the lessers couldn’t help but agree--especially when she did the editing.  When lesser citizens committed offenses, they were obliged,(with a push from a newly-hired damage-control consultant), to stand before a ring of microphones and read off an index card, in their best monotone, “If any persons may have taken offense at what I done, I am truly sorry” (known in certain districts as the Republican Apology),and then resign their seats.

But when the princess decided to turn one of her enemies, a short mournful basset-hound, into an eye-popping minstrel, a cry went up. She merely issued the standard apology only to persons who were genuinely offended, airily implying that the really genuinely offended were innocent, well-meaning independent princesses at the center of a storm of fauxrage. Sadly, this did not help her, but did help the enemy basset-hound win the seat she had wanted him to lose.

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