Cry Me A River (of Credit Default Swaps)

Politico is running a story this morning offering credence to one of the most galling public displays of narcissism ever to grace the internet. In effect the article is nothing more than a litany of complaints from a series Wall Street hacks whining about the fact that they are not on the Presidents’ short list for the prom. Please forgive me but I could give two shits that after having been invited to the best party of the century and consequently burning down the house these very same people are upset that they have not been invited back to the after party.

On the mental list of slights and outrages that just about every major figure on Wall Street is believed to keep on President Barack Obama, add this one: When he met recently with a group of CEOs at Blair House, there was no representative from any of the six biggest banks in America.

Not one!

“If they don’t hate us anymore, why weren’t any of us there?” a senior executive at one of the Big Six banks said recently in trying to explain his hostility toward the president.

You were not there because you are irresponsible, greedy, heartless, amoral douche bags who can’t be trusted not to try and turn a profit from the disaster you have created for our once proud country. For anyone who doubts that this is the truth might I remind you that these are the very same people who watched the towers fall on 9/11 and all they could think about was how they were going to make a killing off of gold.


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