Discovery Friday #5: W.E.E. See You…

Every Friday at Comments from Left Field we’ve taken to sharing with you one site that stands out among the many we have discovered during the past week of interaction on the web in a feature we call Discovery Friday!

Any blogger reading this will agree that it is impressive to find a blog where each and every post garners hundreds of comments. This is almost certainly the result of the blog having crossed the line into “community” territory. While this is not as rare an occurrence as one might think, on the left this is usually reserved for sites that have been around for many years or sites that were launched by rich white women. So you can imagine my surprise when I found that one of my posts this week was being linked to in the lively comment section of a site that was launched little over one year ago but seems to epitomize the blog-turned-community model. The site is W.E.E. See You… and it has earned our fifth Discovery Friday mention. 

So who are these good people that have managed to defy the blogosphere odds? Please allow them to introduce themselves.


What does W.E.E. mean?

W.E.E. means that…

Enlighten and

Encourage and

Empower and

But most importantly,
We see what the mainstream media
fails to see…

WE See Our People Clearly – W.E.E. See You!

Meet Our Board of Trustees.

Meet Our Guest Bloggers and Contributors.

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