Sully Eviscerates The Right As “Cynical, Power-Hungry and Unprincipled”


Ask yourself: what was the equivalent of the Huffington Post under Bush? Who served the equivalent role of, say, Glenn Greenwald in lacerating the president’s policies? Yes, Bartlett and yours truly qualify but – importantly – we were thereby stripped of any public identity as conservatives. Greenwald is not now derided as some kind of insane whackjob by the left. Where was the right’s Marcy Wheeler under Bush? Where were the mass demonstrations from the base – like the gay equality march – that challenged the Bush administration’s betrayal of certain principles?At what point did a key Bush supporter, on a key Bush policy, ever write blog-posts with headlines like “The Fierce Urgency Of Whenever” as I have done with respect to Obama.

Where was the Tea Party freedom-fanatics when the president ordered wire-tapping without warrants, the right to seize anyone he deemed an enemy combatant and torture them without due process? Where were the fiscal hawks demanding an end to the spending spree – unjustified by anything close to the kind of depression Obama faced in coming to office? Where was the outrage – not the token credentializing column – when Bush rammed through Medicare D, with parliamentary tactics that were Putinesque?

The notion that the right under Bush showed anything like the integrity of the left under Obama is preposterous. Ross would like to think so, because it would make his own acquiescence to torture, debt, nation-building and unfunded entitlements look particularly craven and partisan. But reality shows no such equivalence, and I say this with great dismay.

The American right has proven itself more cynical, more power-hungry and less principled than any equivalent group on the left in this past decade. No amount of pirouetting now will erase that fact.

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