The Left Has Officially Jumped the Shark on Obama

I had hoped that once the tax cut extension was passed that the noise level from my peers on the left would abate a bit and we could get back to discussing things that really matter. I was sadly mistaken. On my ride home last night I tuned my satellite radio to 120 MSNBC and was greeted by yet another panicked tirade like this one by Keith Olbermann aimed at the President. While last nights was not a dedicated “special comment” it was clear that all of Keith’s snark was directed at taking shots at the President.

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Surely others would see the folly of this march to delegitimize the President right?

So as soon as I got home I pointed my browser to some of the leading voices of the left and was rudely slapped in the face. Case in point, Digby has taken to quoting Fox News polls to bolster the idea that the President is on his way out.

I don’t know what this means, but I suspect it isn’t good:

A Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll finds that just 29% of the registered voters said they believed President Obama would win re-election in 2012 while 64% said they expected him to lose.

It is Fox, so maybe it’s rigged. And it doesn’t track with other polls that expect him to beat a generic Republican.But still …

Et tu Digby?

With a super-majority of the American public in support of this tax deal I am starting to feel like the left-o-sphere has decided to give up on the President in favor of a ridiculous attempt to challenge him from the left in 2012. If this is true, and it seems to be the case, this is the moment that the left pulled a Fonzie and jumped the proverbial shark leaving behind the majority of Americans in favor of a position that I for one find stupid and reckless.

2 Responses to “The Left Has Officially Jumped the Shark on Obama”

  1. Chief says:

    Mr. Tedesco,

    I am certainly disappointed in President Obama. Please answer me one question, as that may help change my mind:

    President Obama knew what kind of a lawyer/person Dawn Johnson was before he nominated her to head OLC at DoJ. Why did he let her twist in the wind for 14 months and not fight for her confirmation?

  2. Chief,

    I honestly do not know what Obama could have done to move Johnsen forward. He nominated her but she was roundly disliked by the right and had trouble particularly with blue-dogs. As far as I can tell it was the frightened-middle left that caused her demise not Obama. If Bernie Sanders were President that would not have changed the her situation. You can free to be disappointed with the President about her failure to be confirmed but I am more surprised that he put her forward in the first place.

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