You Get What You Pay For

Riddle me this. How can the Republicans explain the fact that at the same time as they were meeting with the President offering to work together with the President and Democrats on urgent issues facing the American people they were simultaneously circulating a letter among the entire Republican body of the Senate promising to block all Democratic legislation that does not have to do with tax cuts or spending? Is there any reasonable explanation for this kind of betrayal of trust?

priority letters

Seriously? What a petulant bunch of idiots. This coming from the Senate where, contrary to whatever fantasies Mr. McConnel holds in his turtle-like skull, the Republicans failed to win a majority. It is clear that McConnel was not lying when he stated that his only goal was to make Obama a one term President. Sadly, while this Republican party plows forward with their mission of Washington domination 2 million of their constituents will not be receiving unemployment checks just in time for Christmas, Russia’s nuclear arsenal remains unmonitored since December of 2009, and the recommendation of the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs to end the discriminatory practice of DADT in the military will likely move to the courts.

All this so Republicans can ensure that the top 2% of American wage earners won’t see their taxes increase even though that increase is proven by the CBO to have the least positive impact on our current fiscal situation. As the old saying goes, I guess you get what you pay for.

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