Egypt is not Poland

So I am in San Francisco right now and have to be ready for a meeting in a few minutes, but I just wanted to get some quick thoughts out about what is going on in the middle east right now. My big worry with this is that while this is a good wake up call for for the totalitarian governments of the Arab world, we must not confuse these protests with the Solidarity movements of eastern Europe.  The Solidarity movements greatest success was not the fact that they forced the Soviet Union out of their governments, but the fact that they were able to smoothly transition to democracy after the communists were out.  This happened because the Solidarity movement was a highly organized alliance between the labor movements and intellectuals who had made plans for democracy to take root before they were victorious.  The result of this was a smooth transition with no power vacuum after the central governments fell.  Right now the protests in Egypt are more or less unorganized masses that do not have a real plan for after. This presents a real possibility for a total collapse of government in the event of a power vacuum that could result in a more autocratic government seizing power.

I got to hop in the shower and take off, but I will try and finish this thought later.

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