Gay Rights Activist Murdered in Uganada

This is going to be a very large news day due to protests spreading like wildfire in the middle east, but I want to take a moment to post this story by the BBC about the murder of a prominent gay activist who was murdered in Uganda.  David Kato, an activist who was publicly outed in Uganda’s Rolling Stone newspaper (no relation to the magazine) under the headline “Hang Them”, has been reportedly beaten to death in his home. David was a prominant campaigner against the radical homophobic legislation that was pushed by the Ugandan parliament that would have made homosexual acts a capital offense in 2009.  He also won a battle in Novemeber banning the Rolling Stone from continuing to publish the identities of alleged homosexuals. Today is a sad day for gay rights, and a reminder of how much work outside of much of the industrial world is needed to insure even the most basic rights for members of the gay community.

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