Good Night and Good Luck

So I just got back from a busy day, and turned on my PVR, grabbed some popcorn, and sat down to watch countdown.  With a few minutes left in the show, Keith Olberman announced that this would be his last show.  HIS LAST SHOW.  Now details are still hazy, but the word on the street (aka the internets) is that Olberman was forced out over continuing issues of his semi scandelous campaign donations during the mid terms.  It is also interesting to that Chris Hayes filled on for Maddow tonight. While I can guarantee she is not leaving so quick, did she sit out tonight as a protest to the bigwigs at MSNBC/Comcast? And who is going to replace him? Chris Hayes seems like a likely candidate as he has been filling in during primetime for a while, and he is very telegenic.  Also, will Maddow get bumped into the illustrius 8pm slot or will she stay at 9pm?

There will definetly be more on this as the weekend goes on.  One thing that can be said is this will definetly not be a slow news weekend. 

Well, I got to pass out now, so good night and good luck

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