Issa Thinkin Obama Izza Corrupt

If you are older than 7 years of age you are acutely aware that just saying something is true doesn’t actually make it so. Sadly, it would appear that incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform (R) Darrel Issa never learned this lesson. It would appear that he believes that by simply saying that the Obama admin is “one of the most corrupt administrations” that this gives him the right to launch far-reaching investigations into every wing-nut fantasy about the President.

Well, as a result of Issa’s fancy new position we can look forward to a spate of tax payer funded investigations by his committee ranging from stimulus usage to the Afghan war.

Rep. Darrell Issa is aiming to launch investigations on everything from WikiLeaks to Fannie Mae to corruption in Afghanistan in the first few months of what promises to be a high profile chairmanship of the top oversight committee in Congress.

According to an outline of the committee’s hearing topics obtained by POLITICO, the House Oversight and Government Reform is also planning to investigate how regulation impacts job creation, the role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the foreclosure crisis; recalls at the Food and Drug Administration and the failure of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to agree on the causes of the market meltdown.

This sweeping and specific hearing agenda shows that Issa (R-Calif.) plans to cut a wide swath as chairman, latching onto hot button issues that could make his committee the center of attention in the opening months of the 112th Congress. By grabbing such a wide portfolio – especially in national security matters – Issa is also laying down a marker of sorts, which could cement his panel as the go-to place for investigations.

So far I don’t see a single “scandal” that if rooted out by Issa will either be a game changer for Republicans in 2012 or a will help the state of our Union by improving the economy, creating jobs, get us out of Afghanistan sooner or improve our national security. As a result it is clear to to me that this is nothing short of a sideshow meant to keep the FoxNEWS viewing audience entertained between now and the 2012 elections.

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