Michele Bachmann’s War

Michele Bachmann’s appointment to the Intelligence Committee reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from Charlie Wilson’s War.  In this scene, Wilson is asked by one of Tip O’Neill’s staffers to join the ethics committee to help out John Mertha. I have included the hypothetical version of how the conversation went when Michele Bachmann was asked to join the intelligence committee in [].

Tip O’Neill Staffer [John Boehner Staffer]: Yeah, but Tip [John] would like to put you on the Ethics [Intelligence] Committee just the same.

Charlie Wilson [Michele Bachmann]: You’re kidding.

Staffer: No

CW [MB]: Well, Jesus, Donnelly, everyone in town knows I’m on the other side of that issue.

Staffer: Ethics [Intelligence]?

CW [MB]: Yeah!

Staffer: Well, the Speaker would like to put you on the committee anyway.

CW [MB]: Okay. Well, if anyone asks what the hell I’m doing on the Ethics [Intelligence] Committee, we’ll just tell them I like chasing women and drinking whiskey [I have no understanding of our how our government or the economy works] and the Speaker felt we were underrepresented.

Staffer: One [Wo]man, one vote.

CW [MB]: Exactly.

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