Gadaffi’s Son Lays Rhetorical Groundwork for Slaughter

Sayf al-Islam, a son of Muammar Gaddafi, has drawn a hard line against the protests there.  In his internationally televised speech Sayf threatened the people with the spector of civil war and began to lay down the groundwork for a massacre of the protests there.  For the most part the speech was nonsensical.  He even claimed multiple times that drugs were fueling the protests. 

More worryingly, Sayf made the rediculous claim that the protestors were armed with tanks and artillary that they stole from the military.  This is particularly alarming as it is an attempt to justify a future violent military crackdown that could quickly turn into a massacre.  The world media must be vigilant, and the whole world, including china, must be ready to boycott Libya’s oil if this happens.

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