“So Be It”

The Republican talking point of 2011 is, “we were elected to reign in out of control government spending.” Now, whether this is true or not – and many, myself included, would argue that it is not – the fact is that the GOP rode into office last November on a wave of voter discontent fueled by a major tectonic slip between anger and frustration due in large part to our horrific unemployment situation. People elected Republicans to try and offer up something different from the Democrats in the way of job creation in hopes that by doing so they could force cooperation in Washington and spark a way out of this disastrous recession.

With that in mind, yesterday’s comments from House Speaker Boehner are mind boggling. Prefaced by a comment that President Obama created 200,000 new Federal government jobs in the past two years, Boehner followed with this:

“If some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it,” Mr. Boehner said. “We’re broke. It’s time for us to get serious about how we’re spending the nation’s money.”

So be it? Really?

Since when did Federal Government employees become less-than-American? At what point in the GOPs political calculations was it decided that employees at the Pentagon or the U.S. Tax Court or the Department of Commerce or the Department of Justice were expendable in their war to win back control of the government they so despise? It clear that if the Republicans ever had a clue about their why they were elected to serve the American people they sure as hell have forgotten it now.

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