Welcome to Your Dystopian Future

Over at io9 yesterday Charlie Jane Anders had a very interesting post up asking the question, with the current bloom of young adult dystopian literature becoming more and more popular, why is it that we are not seeing a similar spike in adult fiction? She posits that young adults are ripe for genre, coming to the realization that their parents have lost all hope and become a part of the corporate machine. But when it comes to the central question of why the same spike is not occurring in the adult genre she can only put forth a “things to blame George Lucas for” theory, in effect saying that bang-bang sci-fi has taken over the genre.

While I agree with this reasoning for why YA dystopian literature is so popular I wish to give an alternative reason for the lack of similar popularity in the adult space. Simply put, adults don’t want to read in Fiction what is already happening to them in reality.

*Read in the best movie trailer voice*

In a world where Corporations have more rights than average citizens, where a once proud labor force has been stripped of it’s power by billionaire financiers and the corrupt politicians who do their bidding, a place so bleak that women are threatened with prison or worse – death – for accidentally miscarrying a child

You get the picture. Welcome to your dystopian future my friends. Personally, if I want to dive into the genre of adult dystopia I need look no further than memeorandum.

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