And You Thought FoxNEWS Let Lies Hang Out There Too Long

In a sign that the Vatican has finally adopted GTD after a couple thousand years, Pope Benedict Reiterates That Jews Didn’t Kill Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI is really taking pains to dispel that whole “Jews have the blood of Christ on their hands” thing. On March 10, Benedict will publish a book in which he argues–apparently at length, and with multiple citations of Scripture–that Jews, as a people, bear no blame for the death of Jesus.

The book, Jesus of Nazareth Part II, is a volume of Benedict’s reflections on the life and teachings of Christ. Excerpts have already been made available, according to the Associated Press, and they show that Benedict goes out of his way to emphasize that Christ was killed by a handful of individuals who happened to be Jewish and it’s wrong to hold Jews collectively responsible for Christ’s death.

The pope isn’t breaking new ground here for the Catholic Church. The Nostra Aetate, a document published by the Vatican in 1965, made essentially the same argument. But Benedict lays out what the AP calls “a thorough, Gospel-by-Gospel analysis” in support of his point, one that “leaves little doubt that he deeply and personally believes it to be the case.”

I wonder if he will be taking a position on Crusades soon as well?

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