Around the Horn: March 9, 2011

When you have been blogging as long as I have you get to say things like I am about to say without sounding weird so here goes. Years ago when Kyle and I were crowding the front page of CFLF with so many posts that we had to fight for top billing I used to run a daily link-up feature called Around the Horn. It dropped off mainly because I ran out of time in my schedule for blogging and reserved my remaining free moments to actually getting a post of my own out. Well, my time situation has not changed much but the need to promote the work of others still remains and so as of today I have decided to resurrect Around the Horn.

Here is what decision making looks like on the ground. [Alternate Brain]

In light of the resumption of military tribunals at Guantamo Bay, John Quiggin asks why is there no fundamental difference between Bush and Obama on suppressing basic human and civil rights? [Crooked Timber]

As he does so well, Glenn Greenwald’s take on the Gitmo situation can be summed up in one sentence, “Obama never had a plan for “closing Guantanamo” in any meaningful sense…” [Glenn Greenwald, Salon]

The General bitch slaps the “Jackson Way” in a manner only he is capable of. [Jesus’ General]

Why did Wisconsin Republicans win in November setting them up for the fiasco we have seen unfold over the past three weeks? Apparently they looked their constituents in the eye and lied. [The Awl, h/t to The Mahablog]

Is Representative (R) Peter King’s channeling of Joseph McCarthy in his upcoming hearings on Muslim terror threats? [The Moderate Voice]

My old friend Dave Anderson highlights the coming destruction of public education in my former home state of Pennsylvania. [Newshoggers]

And finally, Michael J.W. Stickings reminds us why this whole NPR-is-a-liberal-boogy man thing is nonsense. [The Reaction]

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