I Guess The Japanese Nuclear Reactor Crisis is Over???

I Guess The Japanese Nuclear Reactor Crisis is Over???

Image courtesy of Andy Rudorfer via Flicker CC licensed content.

I’ve been searching high and low for an update from any television news source about the status of what was, only a days ago, such a huge story that people in California collectively snapped and made a run on potassium iodide pills for fear of the end of the world.

This was such a huge story that media whore extraordinaire Ann Coulter came out from under whatever rock she clings to the bottom of in order to take advantage of the opportunity to try and let a little of this hype rub off on her by claiming that high levels of radiation “are actually good for you.”

But based on the lack of information about the crisis in the mainstream media I guess it is fair to assume that the Japanese were successful in solving their nuclear meltdown problems right? I mean, if they had not solved the problem then there would most certainly be at least a sentence in the crawl on CNN, FoxNEWS or MSNBC wouldn’t there? The networks and talking heads could spare at least a moment from their hyperventilating about Libya and Charlie Sheen to update us on the worst nuclear disaster in history right?

Nah, they can’t be bothered, not even after The New York Times reported:

Just a month before a powerful earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima Daiichi plant at the center of Japan’s nuclear crisis, government regulators approved a 10-year extension for the oldest of the six reactors at the power station despite warnings about its safety.

So I for one just want to say I am very happy this disaster is now over and the people of Japan are safe… wait… what? what is that you say? The crisis is not over?

Well then what is the latest status you ask?

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