In Bizarro World Crossroads GPS Complains About Union Funding

Does anyone else find it ironic that a heavily financed Republican PAC like Crossroads GPS is running an ad attacking the comparatively weak fund raising power of Unions in the U.S.?

An arm of American Crossroads, the well-financed Republican super PAC, is going up on the air Wednesday with an ad taking aim at public employee unions and highlighting the aid President Obama got in his campaign from organized labor.

“Why are Democrats shutting down state capitals?” asks a narrator with images of the protesters in Madison, Wis., on the screen. “To protect a system that pays unionized government workers 42 percent more than non-union workers, a system that collects hundreds of millions in mandatory dues to back liberals who support government unions.”

Here is a better question Mr. Rove, “Why is American Crossroads running a national ad attacking Unions? To attempt to castrate the only meagerly funded Democratic competition they have in a post Citizens United electoral landscape.”

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