Just a Little Sharing: Madoff Interview With New York Magazine

I don’t know about you but my days are jam-packed busy with “real” work. That said, I have a very bad habit of keeping Google Reader open in tab in Firefox and when my mind wanders, which happens all too often, I scroll through the latest articles reading what I can, marking others as favorites to read later and sharing the rest with the 400 + people who follow me on Reader. Then there are the articles that I can’t seem to part with. Those end up gaining their own real estate in my browser as a tab that remains open, sometimes for days, before I complete reading them. Yesterday New York magazine delivered two incredible features that made it to this list.

The first one is entitled The Madoff Tapes and can’t stress enough how interesting this piece is. Rather than attempt to clip out bits and pieces I suggest you follow the link above, get a warm cup of coffee/tea and sit down for an hour to read this thing. It’s simply amazing.

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