Missing My Old Partner in Crime

Missing My Old Partner in Crime

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There are days when I simply can’t bring myself to insert more noise into what I see as an already over saturated political noise machine. Lately these days have come all too often and my response has been to simply look at myself and say, “I think I’ll sit this one out.” Unfortunately, my old partner in crime here at CFLF, Kyle, hit this point in his political writing career round about the end of the 2008 election cycle but rather than just sitting out a few days he decided to drop out completely.

I have to say that the best times I had writing on this blog were when Kyle and I would spend hours bantering back and forth via chat about politics and strategy. I miss those days. I miss having Kyle’s manic energy driving me to do more and keep up with his frenetic pace. Alas, those days are gone but every once in a while Kyle will grace us with a treat by dipping his toes back into the water politic.

A couple days ago Kyle dropped one of these infrequent posts at his personal blog A Day in the Mind Of… and reading it reminded me of why he was so popular to our readers. He has a way of telling it like it is and pulling no punches. An intellectual honesty that is rare in a political blogging world filled with people trying to make a name for themselves by selling whatever bullshit will garner the most clicks.

It is with that in mind I would like to direct you to his latest post entitled, “A Little Ramble About Some Things I Believe.” As the title suggests it is a screed (he calls it an essay) that goes a long way in explaining his exit from daily political blogging and makes some very fair points to which my Democrats should pay close attention.

As I’m fond of saying, I do hate liberals. Indeed, the only people I hate more than liberals are conservatives. I think it’s important to keep that mentality in mind given the title above and the content and intent of this essay. The purpose of this essay is to, as accurately as is possible, define where I stand on the American political spectrum, and to illustrate a few of my core philosophies in regards to American politics.

First and foremost I feel it important to point out that while I am so antagonistic to so called liberals and progressives, ideologically I generally identify with them. In other nations, particularly those in Europe, I might be considered a centrist or maybe even center right depending on the specific ideological make up, on the political scale in the US I tend to tack left of center. I am at my most liberal on Social Issues (lgbt, women’s, civil rights), while only maybe slightly liberal on the economy, and I inch even further right on Foreign Policy and National Security (but, it should be mentioned, nowhere near as far right as even your most moderate of Republicans).

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