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Back in December word leaked out that Yahoo was planning to kill social bookmarking site and I for one freaked out. I made the move to in late 2005 as a purely workflow decision. The number of bookmarks that resided in the primary browser on my home PC had grown to epic proportions and keeping copies in both Firefox and IE on that machine as well as in both browsers on my laptop was becoming a tedious affair. The idea of having access to my bookmarks from any internet connected computer was great and add to that the concept of tagging those bookmarks with keywords – something that was not at all new to this blogger – and the move away from “my favorites” made perfect sense and guaranteed my internet experience would be much simpler.

Fast forward to this past December. I guess it should not have come as much of a surprise that Yahoo was pondering the death of considering that they were also talking openly about killing MyBlogLog (which is now officially dead) Yahoo Buzz and AltaVista. In the case of the latter I must admit I was shocked, SHOCKED to find out that the search site was still around at all. Someone at Yahoo must have received a call from a 20-something hipster in lens-less glasses, riding a fixed-gear bike with the message, “1999 called and they want their search engine back.” But I digress.

While I did not hold out hope that Yahoo would see the err of their ways and reverse this decision it seemed clear to me that there is a business case hidden in there somewhere that would see land on it’s feet under new management. That is until I read this…

Since December, little was said about Yahoo’s intention to unload Delicious until recently. Earlier this month, The Next Web reported Yahoo was about to sell Delicious for as much as $5 million to a “rival social bookmarking service” with a “strong user base.”

StumbleUpon could fit the Next Web’s description (backing up Business Insider’s Report), but so could other services such as Google Bookmarks, or perhaps even Digg or Evernote.

Out of that list of possible suitors the only one of the four that would see the bookmarking service retain it’s workflow utility that I have become so used to is Google Bookmarks. Digg and StumbleUpon are simply social media sharing sites and Evernote is one of those sites that makes sense on paper but it’s implementation has failed to impress me.

So, rather than wait for the final announcement from Yahoo I decided that today was the day to pull the trigger. With Google’s footprint in my mobile computing life quite large already – I have been a Gmail user since mid-2005 and their RSS reader and mobile app are the primary utilities I use both on my Mac and on my Blackberry – the decision to move my cloud-based bookmarks over to Google Bookmarks was a no-brainer.

The deed took a sum total of 30 seconds to transfer 4,000+ bookmarks and Google Bookmarks even provided the following link to make it painless. This was the quickest breakup in history. I’m sad to see you go, it’s not you, it’s me. I need to find a service that meets my needs. I hope you find someone who will see the value in who you are. In the meantime I need to move on.

UPDATE: In searching for a plug-in/add-on for Firefox to allow me to publish links to Google Bookmarks I came across the single coolest Firefox Add-on evah! Shareaholic for Firefox. One button in the upper left hand corner of my browser allows a single-click sharing of links to a ton of sites including in my case; WordPress (using PressThis), Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Google Bookmarks, StumbleUpon and Gmail! Oh, and if you don’t use Firefox don’t worry, it is also available for Chrome, IE8, Safari, Opera, Flock and Songbird (whatever the hell that is).


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