What Will The 2012 Election Be About Now?

What Will The 2012 Election Be About Now?

I was planning to wake up this morning and write a long post about the moral questions posed by a fiscal debate which asks us to sacrifice our long earned social-societal compact but doesn’t even bother to offer up any alternatives. That plan was destroyed in a matter of seconds by the following headline at TPM: President Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate.

Ok, seriously, now what will the 2012 election be about? The entire GOP nominating process has been predicated on the fact that President Obama is some kind of Manchurian Candidate who slipped under the radar and took over the most powerful position in the world. Hell, Donald Trump’s entire campaign was based on this lie. There are armies of Tea Partiers roaming the country mumbling “why can’t Obama produce his birth certificate?” and in one felled swoop the President shut them all up by producing it. Then Conservapedia exploded


Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

Oh no he di'in't!


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