It Takes a Comedian and a Sports Writer? Really?

In the weeks since Donald Trump appeared on the political scene and proclaimed himself the best presidential candidate since George Washington thereĀ  has been a complete and total lack of a challenge from the mainstream media to his ridiculous candidacy. Sadly, all the “serious” reporters and talking heads continue to treat Trump with arguably more respect than they give the sitting President of the United States. What will it take for someone to finally state the obvious, that Trump is not only a delusional fool but also a liar?

Apparently it takes a comedian and a sports writer.

Last night Seth Meyers of SNL took the story right to the source and showed those who should being doing this job how easy it is, catching Trump off guard and drawing him out a bit.


Then, proving that the print medium is alive and well (and also in need of a good scolding), one of my favorite sports writers of all time Mitch Album closes the deal.

There are two ways you can walk with Donald Trump — toward him or away from him.

There are two ways you can hold a camera with Donald Trump — facing him or facing away.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people don’t choose the second choice ALL THE TIME. Why does anyone care what Donald Trump has to say — unless he’s your landlord? The only question anyone should ask Trump is: “The hair — why?”

Instead, Trump is given credence in some circles as a presidential candidate. A presidential candidate? This only proves that as a nation, we are becoming so addicted to celebrity it is soon going to replace plasma in our bloodstream.

Donald Trump as president? Really? You are really going to make that argument? Based on what? His stellar business record?

Well, despite what he says, Trump’s finances have seen more hot water than a lobster. His Taj Mahal casino was in bankruptcy. His Trump Plaza Hotel was in bankruptcy. Two years ago, his Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy. He has been repeatedly forced to sell properties to pay his debts, and was only kept afloat because driving him into the ground would have left his backers worse off than dealing with him. Loans went unpaid. The Securities and Exchange Commission brought a case against him.

Why doesn’t everyone know all this? Because Trump has learned one thing very well — if you say something loudly enough and often enough, it’s what people remember. Regardless of the truth. So he tells you he’s a success, writes books like one, creates a show that suggests it — and you think it’s so.

I hope the rest of the media is able to take advantage of this lesson.

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