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Have you ever found yourself digging through a seemingly endless list of bookmarks searching in vain for that one blog you saved some time ago and thinking, “isn’t there a better way to keep up to date on my favorite blogs?” Me too. For years I used the blogrolls here at Comments from Left Field as the launching point for my daily reading, starting from the top and moving through the lists alphabetically. That served me well, that is until the list grew so large that I found myself missing much of the great work done by people whose blogs just happen to begin after the letter G.

Well yesterday I decided it was time to change all that. I have been using RSS feeds for many years now to keep up with my daily news consumption, beginning with an aggregator that was homegrown and hosted here at CFLF then moving through a stand-alone reader (NewsGator) and finally to Google Reader a couple years back. One of the great features of Google Reader is the ability to create and publish public bundles of RSS feeds and share them with others.

I decided that in order to keep up to date on all of the blogs in the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, a grouping of arguably the best Liberal blogs around, the best way would be to create a Google Reader bundle and share it with everyone. So, without further adieu I give you the LBAN (Liberal Blog Ad Network) RSS bundle for Google Reader.

If you already use Google Reader just click the link above and select “subscribe” in the left hand side of the banner. If you do not yet use Google Reader then click the link above then choose “get started with Google Reader” from the right side of the banner.

Below is a listing of all the blogs in the bundle. You can also subscribe to it by scrolling to the bottom of the list and choosing “subscribe.”


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