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I’m not sure I have shared this with you here in the past but better late than never. My nine year old daughter has been taking Taekwondo since she was six and achieved her first degree black belt late last year. Being under 15 and practicing in a strict Korean Kukkiwon gym she is only allowed to wear a poom belt (mixed red and black) but suffice to say, she is a black belt. Anyway, she was privileged to be able to perform in the opening ceremonies of the Richmond Summer Night Market last night and I took the opportunity take along my Canon 7D and shoot the entire affair in all it’s HD glory.

I can’t put into words how proud I am of this little girl who got up in front of a crowd of hundreds of mostly Asian attendees and performed flawlessly. Seriously, I had to fight back tears at several points of the demonstration. So, rather than ramble on about it I have decided to post the video for your enjoyment.

Phoenix Sports Academy – Black Belt Demonstration 2011 Richmond Summer Night Market from Michael Tedesco on Vimeo.

This demonstration was a part of the official opening of the 2011 Richmond Summer Night Market celebration. The theme of this years grand opening was celebrating Korean culture.

My nine year old daughter Gabrielle is a member of this team and can be seen several times throughout the video. She appears first at about 1 min 30 seconds into the video and is second from the left. This was shot using my Canon EOS 7D.

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