Writers Are Readers Applies to Bloggers,Too

Obviously, any estimate of the size of the blogosphere is always going to be, first, a guess, and second, an outdated guess maybe 30 seconds after it’s made. That said, WebDesigner Depot puts the number of active blogs at “over a hundred million.” Conservatively. If you factor in the blogs that are never, or rarely, updated (in other words, essentially abandoned by their creators), there are “hundreds of thousands (if not millions)” more. According to the live meter at BlogPulse, there are, at the moment my fingers are typing this, over 163 million “identified” blogs (although it doesn’t say how many of those are active), and in the last 24 hours, almost 64 million new blogs were created.

How many of those blogs are actually worth reading? A definitive answer to that question is impossible, of course, since “worth reading” is a subjective judgment. Even if only one percent of the total number of active blogs were worth reading, that would still be, roughly, over 1,600 blogs.

As a blogger myself, I am interested in questions like these, because blogging is writing, and I want to write well. And I know there’s always room for improvement. So I decided to Google “reading blogs” and see what I got. The first hit was “15 Must-read Blogs for Blog Writers,” by Leo Babauta at Freelance Switch. Here is how he introduces the list:

If you want to be a good writer, read good writing. That, and practice.Those are the two keys for becoming a good writer. Everything else is mechanics. Thus it follows that if you want to be a good blog writer, you should read blogs with good writing.

What follows is a list of 15 blogs you really should be reading if you want to be a good blog writer — at least, read them for awhile until you get the gist of their style. Read them entirely for style, not content. The information isn’t as important as how they write.

Ignore the line, “Here they are, in no particular order,” with his own blog listed first. Nobody’s perfect, and all the blogs on the list (yeah, including his) are well worth reading regularly if you love to read good writing. Some of them I already knew about, some not — but they all will reward a closer look.


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