Eleven Reasons Why Casey Anthony Is Guilty As Hell

The usual dirty leftie liberal suspects are saying that the reason Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee, is because (a) there was no direct physical evidence that Casey murdered Caylee, or even that the cause of death was murder; and (b) the defense raised a lot of reasonable doubt that the prosecution was simply not able to overcome.

That is ridiculous. Here are 11 reasons why Casey Anthony is guilty as hell:

1. She didn’t behave the way a grieving mother is supposed to behave. To wit:

  • She went out partying and drinking.
  • When she went out partying and drinking, she wore really short dresses that showed everything.
  • She lied to investigators about where Caylee was after she died, pretended she was still alive, and didn’t report her missing for 31 days.

2. They found a really bad smell in the trunk of her car. There was nothing there, but Casey’s mom said it smelled like a dead body.

3. Her lawyers made up a story, to save her from the death penalty, about her father abusing her when she was a child. Her father didn’t abuse her. He said he didn’t under oath, and besides he cried so much about his granddaughter’s death.

4. Somebody has to pay for Caylee’s death, and it might as well be Casey because who else could have done it?

5. Because the ” ‘accidental’ ” defense was bunk.” Because it was.

6. The jurors did not have a clue what “reasonable doubt” means. And they’re idiots.

7. Because Caylee’s skeletal remains were found in a swamp with duct tape around her skull.

8. I did not watch the trial on tv or keep up with it much, but my wife/husband/friend did.

9. Casey Anthony is a slut, plus she’s pregnant, but that’s not a crime in Florida.

10. Casey Anthony murdered Caylee, because letting criminals get away with murder is the price we pay for liberty.

11. Because CSI has brainwashed jurors into believing that being a bad mother is not a crime.

11 Responses to “Eleven Reasons Why Casey Anthony Is Guilty As Hell”

  1. crapnocrap says:

    Let hundred guilty be acquitted but not one innocent should not be convicted.

    • Nadeem says:

      I think juror names need to be published. The grnnovmeet and all its workings need to be as transparent as possible. While there is little risk of a jury being rigged, publishing the names of the jurors makes it nearly impossible to rig a jury instead of just really difficult. If you are worried about even one person being threatened by one off-balance citizen, then shouldn’t all names around the case be anonymous, including the defendant? After all, why would someone be more likely to kill a single juror (or injure or harass) but not go after the one person at fault? In the eyes of the law, Casey Anthony is innocent, so why is it okay for her to now be in fear for her own safety?

  2. 123 says:

    Can white people please stop brining up O.j.? You got him. He’s in jail for 33 years.

    • Marinalva says:

      I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I am inclined towrad never. Jurors are not accusers, and they are not hidden from defendants. I don’t see why any one else really needs to know who sat on the jury for a particular trial. Their decision cannot be changed, only thrown out, so what does it matter who made it?

  3. oj says:

    OJ is guilty

  4. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a fragment of your post to my blog?

  5. Marv says:

    Yet another reason why women are nature’s punching bags for guys haha.

    • listen says:

      kay , your disgusting for thinking that . i hope your wife or girlfriend takes you by the balls and hangs yu from a tree , and lights your dick on fire cause any guy who thinks that doesnt deserve to have one:) prick.

    • Andressa says:

      before maybe the something is the edvcenie getting ready to come out from discovery. Maybe the something is someone else is going to be charged for things after the fact. I am starting to lean towards someone is getting ready to be charged. If someone is charged in the family for anything from obstruction to accessory after the fact it would show the nanny didn’t do it after all. The defense would have to come up something else other then accidental death. As much as they could try for reasonable doubt it won’t fly. There would be way too many questions Casey would need to answer for and only Casey can do that. Casey was the only one that knew Caylee was missing. If they go with accidental death they would have no choice but to put Casey on the stand and they don’t want to do that. I know the jury is not supposed to hold it against the defendant if they don’t take the stand. But when you have only two people there when the accident happened and one is dead, Casey would have to explain. No mater what the experts say about this and that there will be too many unanswered questions. First 2 of the top of my head is WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL 911. Second, WHY IS THERE DUCT TAPE AROUND CAYLEE’S MOUTH. As I said the experts can’t answer those questions and many more. It is like when you claim self defense and there are no witnesses, you really have to explain to the jury what happened, IMO.It makes me sick to my stomach to think they need immunity to tell the truth for justice for Caylee. With having an almost 19 yr old and a 23 yr old we have had many talks about drinking and driving over the years. When I talk to them it has never been all about them destroying their own life but the chance of destroying someone Else’s life. The thought not only will they suffer the consequences which if they take a life their consequences are not as bad. They would have to live with the taking of a life. The family would have to live with the loss of a loved one. The thought of this brings tears to my eyes. I would still love my girls and be there but if something happened they would have to suffer the consequences of their actions. With that I can’t understand for the life of me how they haven’t fought for Caylee, where is their conscience? What the H*LL is wrong with the Anthony’s? Caylee was their granddaughter and didn’t have a chance she was still a baby. Caylee doesn’t have one person in her family fighting for her unless they get immunity I am sorry but that isn’t love. This is just breaking my heart. I wonder how they can look at themselves in the mirror or even live with themselves??I say NO immunity the only one that really suffered her is Caylee. Everyone else is an adult and were able to make choices. None of those choices were to fight for Caylee. Caylee was a baby and didn’t have a chance.Happy New Year to everyone.

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