Debt Ceiling Discussion And My Appearance on CBC Radio One

Debt Ceiling Discussion And My Appearance on CBC Radio One

I know I have been M.I.A. for the past month but what better time to resurface than on the eve of the Grand Non-Compromise?

As I mentioned briefly back in January, I was recently elected Chairman of the Vancouver chapter of  Democrats Abroad, an extension of the Democratic Party for Americans living outside U.S. borders. Apparently along with this new gig came the privileged of having my contact info passed on to the good folks at CBC Radio One, who in-turn chose to use it and booked me last Friday afternoon to discuss the debt ceiling/budget situation with current Vice Chair of the RNC, Jeff Kent on The Early Edition with Rick Cluff.

The Early Edition, CBC Radio One

Now, I spent a little more than a year as a DJ and then Sports Director at WIDR 89.1 FM in Kalamazoo as an undergrad but spinning records at 2 AM for sugar-fueled teens and announcing football games from a birds nest atop Waldo Stadium nearly 20 years ago was little prep for being on the air in one of the most well respected broadcast institutions in North America. Luckily today is a Canadian holiday (B.C. Day in British Columbia and Civic Holiday elsewhere)  so the place was almost vacant except for the few studio’s hosting live programs. Needless to say, for my very first on-air appearance in two decades I was more than a little nervous but after the first minute or so things settled down and the interview proceeded fairly well.

CBC’s The Early Edition is a three hour program but by cutting out commercials, news updates, weather and traffic they are able to condense it down to just under 30 minutes for the podcast version. Since the biggest news of the day (so far) is indeed the debt ceiling deal my interview made the top of the show and runs until about 10:45 in. So if you would like to indulge me, give it a listen and let me know how I did.

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