0-3 For Romney

Tomorrow morning team Romney is going to wake up with a really bad headache and ask themselves “what the just happened?”.  In one day that frontrunner status that he thought he reclaimed went up in a poof of smoke.  Ya they knew they were going to have a rough day, but Romney lost by 30 points in Missouri and Minnesota, and dropped over 20 points since 08 in Colorado.  To make matters even more embarrassing, this collection of losses happened at the hands  of sweatervest spokesman Rick “Frothy Lather” Santorum.

No matter how close he seems to coming to seal the deal, Romney just cant seem to do it, which makes me wonder, can Romney actually win the nomination? The man cant get above 40% approval within his party’s own primary.  The problem is, he is just unrelatable, particularly to the GOP primary voter.  He looks more like he should be skippering a yacht at a regatta than running to be president.  The man is pure polish, I half expect old spice to waft out of my TV set every time he is on. The one thing Romney has going for him is Newt Gingrich.  As long as this is kept a 3 man, Romney can continue to have the kookoo conservative base split allowing him to continue to roll up the W’s. Even with that, his hold on the primary is precarious at best and is slipping at worst.

So ya, tomorrow is going to suck for team Romney, and they are going to do their damn best to make today seem unimportant, but at the end of the day, elections (even primaries) matter, cause you know, that’s why we have them, and no matter how they try and spin it, the people of Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado all just called Mit over, and did their own little recreation of M.I.A.’s Superbowl halftime pantomime

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