Definitely NOT The #FLPrimary Aftermath (Midday Round-Up)

As horserace fanatics lament the lull in tedious clowncar-wreck rubbernecking, some news from outside the overly-crowded campaign bubble:

  • WWJD? Drop the “love your neighbour” bullshit and become a ratfucker. Obvs.
  • Why expensive US military brinkmanship is both insustainable and unnecessary
  • Pakistan and the West continue their very  public break-up
  • “[I]n the nearly decades-long orchestrated atomic scare that permeates American relations with Iran, there is still no evidence of a single bomb.”
  • Cold War Flashback: Soviets used to travel like THIS, while Americans used to travel like THIS.
  • Spreading democracy, spreading toxic waste — potato, potAHto.
  • ““Protect and Serve” does not mean “you have to win every argument ever”” h/t
  • Your feel-good read of the day: “Chaos and poverty are the historical norms of western civilisation, not peace and plenty”
  • The paradox of “Israel First”: A “fair, accurate description of any number of American Jews”, yet still wrong
  • Stopped clocks. Blind squirrels. Terry Glavin. Hey, it had to happen eventually.
  • Fauxpulism as right-wing narcissism: Wingnuts like Charles Murray “aren’t interested in saving America, but in saving themselves” h/t
  • And finally, shout outs to the coolest motherfucker to ever rock syndicated weekend afternoon television (like a boss). RIP, Don Cornelius:

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