Monday Upper: ‘Democracy in Cages’

Nothing more really needs to be said about Nevada — continued plummeting turnout, an honest-to-G*d religious test for Jewish voters at an official caucus site (yes, really) and a most curious redefinition of ‘elitism’ from Gingrich (hey, let’s hear it for Noo Yawk — 9/11 didn’t change shit) are apparently all you need to know. That, and the Republican Party is still on pace to nominate (with noses collectively pinched tight) a man who, in his own words, “[likes] being able to fire people” & “[isn’t] concerned about the very poor” — and those are the sole qualities GOPers LIKE about Mittens.

(Oh, and ‘honest rape’. Can’t forget that. Dr. Paul, you do spectacular flameout proper.)


Beyond the latest GOP clown car pile-up, Chris Hayes strips away the spectacular, superficial facade of the modern campaign edifice to look at who gets a privileged voice in American general elections, and, tragically, criminally, those who are disenfranchised en masse. What lies beneath isn’t pretty, damn sure doesn’t make for deal-sealing cocktail party patter on the stump.

But it’s also damn sure more imperative viewing than anything offered by the Beltway bobblehead brigade.

Watch it:

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