Welcome to Biology

The study of biology is concerned with understanding how single organisms operate and evolve. Included in this analysis involved illuminating the ecosystems in which organisms live. Traditionally, biology has been used to study organisms on a cellular level; molecular biology looks at the complex interactions and systems where cells operate. Molecular biology has led scientists to a better understanding of genetics, including how cells replicate and evolve. Having these insights has allowed scientists to improve public health systems. Germ theory, first proposed in the late 19th century, is now a fundamental part of modern medicine and microbiology. This field of study has led to public health innovations such as antibiotics and better hygienic systems.


Today, biology affects areas far beyond just genetics and public health. On a personal scale, engineers and biologists have improved how prosthetics improve the quality of life for injured patients. On a grand scale, biologists are targeting issues that climate change has exacerbated. The scope of biology is clearly much more broad and relevant than it was decades ago, and this resource looks to highlight issues in the field of biology today.